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The Learning-in-Prison Approach

Learning-in-Prison is the University of Manchester.

Wherever we teach, Learning-in-Prison shares the same aspirations of the university as a renowned institution of higher learning dedicated to intellectual growth and rigorous education.

Our students come from a variety of places and backgrounds. Studying towards an undergraduate degree, often later in life and within correctional settings, poses challenges.


For most Learning-in-Prison students, cultivating lives and careers at an institution like the University of Manchester is an all too rare opportunity. As a result, it is important that we expect the most of our students—as they do of themselves and of one another—and that we approach our classrooms first and foremost as places of learning.  

There is no one set criteria of admissions into Learning-in-Prison. Other than grade C in GCSE Maths and English (or equivalent), there is no standardized exam or required letter of recommendation.


Instead, our admissions process uses a writing exercise and face-to-face interview and is designed to identify students whose curiosity, ambition, and intellectual hunger will fuel their stamina over the course of the many challenging semesters of study ahead.

Example modules*


  • Critical Thinking

  • Language, Mind, and Brain

  • Climate Change: Science and Society

  • Bodies in History: An Introduction to the History of Medicine, 1500-1999

  • Arabic Language

  • The Odyssey

  • Comparative Studies in Crime and Criminal Justice

*Module section is contingent on the needs of both the program and the university

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