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What we do

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  • Raise awareness about prison-based higher education’s potential to transform lives, inside and outside prisons.

  • Raise awareness about the role our universities can play in transforming our broken, archaic, and ineffective approach to prison-based justice.

  • Learn from and support prison-based higher education initiatives around the world through The Bard Prison Initiative’s Global Community of Practice, and support allied organizations doing innovative, effective work to expand educational opportunities in prisons and build safer communities.​

BPI's Global Community of Practice
  • Encourage and support universities to invest in their capacity for delivering higher education in prison.

  • Support universities to establish partnerships with prisons and with government organizations, allowing them to broker access for teaching in prison.

  • Develop tailored modules in the social sciences and humanities that are suitable for incarcerated learners with only GSCE (or equivalent) in Maths and English. 

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